BCS special Olympics

Students from area schools gathered together for a joint Buncombe County Special Olympics event, showcasing their athletic skills in a series of adaptive sports. The event kicked off with school resource officers (SROs) and Buncombe County Schools Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson lighting the olympic torch at the Skyland Fire Department. 

The olympic torch

The SROs, accompanied by Dr. Jackson, carried the flame from the Skyland Fire Department to the T.C. Roberson High School Football Field, where excited students awaited to participate in the day’s festivities. 

SROS carrying olympic torch

Upon their arrival, Dr. Jackson and the officers took a lap around the field with the torch, an act that was met with cheers and applause from the gathered crowd. The torch was then placed ceremoniously in the center of the field, marking the official start of the games. 

student lighting torch

"Running alongside our dedicated School Resource Officers as they carried the Special Olympics torch was a moment of profound unity and joy,” said Dr. Jackson. “The torch symbolizes the light that these students bring into our lives every day. It serves as a beacon of hope and achievement. Witnessing one of our students use the torch to light the flame in the stadium ignited an incredible day of celebration. I am so thankful for our faculty and staff who make every day special for our Special Olympians!"

student throwing soft bal

Students from various schools participated in the event, either by competing in adaptive sports or by supporting their peers.  Events ranged from wheelchair races to softball tosses, each tailored to be accessible for all participants. Volunteers, teachers, friends, and family members were present, contributing to a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere. 

student receiving medal

“The Special Olympics event is an amazing day, where the community comes together to support these athletes and their families,” said Buncombe County Schools Health and Physical Education Specialist Jennifer Johnson. “Through sport, these athletes are able to discover new strengths and abilities, joy and success. They are an inspiration to all of us!” 

wheelchair race at special olympics

As the day progressed, the spirit of competition was balanced with moments of joy and camaraderie. The impact of the event was evident on the faces of both participants and spectators, highlighting the unifying power of sports. 

student tossing soft ball

Each student left the field feeling celebrated and appreciated after being recognized for their participation and spirits. The day was not only a sporting success, but also a profound demonstration of the strength and inclusivity of the local school community. 

student with his medal To view more photos from the event click here.