Parent and Community Advisory Council

Our Parent and Community Advisory Council meets several times each year to discuss Oakley's successes, needs, and initiatives for improvement. It is an important opportunity for our administration to listen to the input and guidance of our community partners.

2023-24 Advisory Council Meeting Dates

All meetings are at 5:15pm in the school media center.

September 19th

February 20th

April 30th

October 24th at 6pm will be a countywide advisory council meeting at Erwin High School.

2023-24 Advisory Council Members

Laurel Stolte, Principal (ex-officio member)

Stephanie Holmes, PTO President

Tina Dotson, Teacher Representative

Joan Martinez

Dawn S. Vann

Marye Chambers

Karina Gonzalez

Brittany Chastain

Emily Bukowski

Kate Fehlenberg

Marianne Martinez

Mycah McClure

Zephyr Jost Sullivan

Misty Childs

Maddy and Tom Vaught

Caitlin Brez

Bianca Miller

Mark Taft

Lucie Peoples

Laina Stapleton