School Improvement

Each year our school sets a strategic plan for success with many factors.  This plan is called our School Improvement Plan (SIP).  We invite you to learn more about our strategic plan by logging into where North Carolina Public Schools manage their SIPs. 

Due to a lack of assessment data during the 19-20 academic year, the state lists of Low-Performing schools and Low-Performing districts stayed the same for 20-21.  

Each of you are stakeholders in our school and your engagement and voice are critical to the success of the goals we have set.  As stakeholders, you are welcome to use the guest login to take a look.  

  • Guest Login:  guestS15660

  • Guest Password:  guestS15660

Our School Improvement Leadership Team meets on the schedule below in the media center.  Our team is comprised of the following faculty and staff members:

  • Dana Haney- Principal

  • Kay Hampton- Assistant Principal

  • Amelia Rubin- Kindergarten

  • Tina Dotson- First Grade

  • Gabriela Bermingham- Second Grade

  • Krystin Battey- Third Grade

  • Marleigh Schweer- Fourth Grade

  • April Alexander- Fifth Grade

  • Jon Echaiz- Dual Language

  • Er'Lynn Luna- Instructional Assistant

  • Millie Stubbs- Curriculum Specialist

  • Angela Ensley- Title I

  • Chelsea Walton- Media Specialist

  • Amanda Lott- ESL/Specialist Representative

  • Anna Holbrook- EC Specialist

  • Karen Skogland- Parent Representative

  • Kyle Pedersen- Parent Representative

Meeting Dates and Times 

  • Sept. 9, 2021*

  • Oct. 14, 2021*

  • Nov. 10, 2021*  MOVED to Nov. 16, 2021

  • Dec. 9, 2021*

  • Jan. 13, 2022

  • Feb. 10, 2022

  • Mar. 10, 2022

  • Apr. 4, 2022

  • May 12, 2022

*Will be Zoom meetings. 
For the Zoom link, please email either or

All Leadership Team meetings will start at 3:00 pm.