two students work on a space themed board game at the asheville museum of science

Junior star explorers from Oakley Elementary got to share a big project at the Asheville Museum of Science (AMOS) - hand-made space-themed board games!

Students created the games in small groups, and AMOS helped prepare students by introducing them to the planets and space through their planetarium. The kids finished up their projects in science class at Oakley. Their board games had to be related to space and the planets and involve some sort of game concept. Students came up with a myriad of different games and ideas. Some involved moving on a board with a dice, some were quiz games, and others had spinners or even physical Plinko style pieces.

“The hands-on piece really brought the science to life,” said third grade dual language teacher Kaitlyn Powell. “They were able to make the games, apply the knowledge, and discuss that work with each other to determine what was correct and what worked and what didn’t.”

students showing their space board game“We’ve found that when you’re using the creative muscles in your brain, you’re actually learning and using more of your brain at once than ever,” said AMOS Program Coordinator Meghan Denhuizen. “When you take a student and give them a creative outlet for something they’re learning, what you’re really doing is solidifying that learning.” 

GE Aerospace, whose donations to Buncombe County Schools’ STEM programs directly benefited the program, was also there to see the children’s games. 

three students look at space themed board game

“We were very excited to see what the kids had created,” said GE Aerospace employee Susan Shaw. 

The “Best in Show” Galaxy Board Game will be displayed in a special plinth at the museum for all to see.