STEM Egg Challenge at Oakley

Third graders at Oakley Elementary School created “eggstravagant” designs in hopes of keeping a fragile object safe during a rather large fall. #STEM teacher Sarah Von Williamsen held an 🥚“It was difficult to design, and students had to be very creative as they collaborated with their materials,” said Ms. Williamsen. “The egg drop is one of those challenges that generates a lot of excitement, and they really enjoy the culminating event!”
Students dropped their egg creations from the upper landing of a set of stairs. Each one nervously released their egg to the ground below with fingers crossed 🤞“The students were very successful! Many of our eggs ‘survived’ the fall after improving our designs,” Ms. Williamsen explained. “Eggs that didn’t ‘survive’ provided an excellent lesson in identifying weaknesses in our designs and thinking of ways we might improve.”
From the start to end students were excited about this challenge. Ms. Williamsen was impressed with the creativity used for each group.
“Students were excited from day one of this project,” said Ms. Williamsen. “I really enjoyed seeing the different ways that student groups decided to conquer this. Some groups designed parachutes, while others opted for a protective ‘nest’. The designs were so different and it was great to see their creativity!"

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