What's Going on in the Classroom

    peep Welcome To Mrs. Strosnider's First Grade Positive Peaceful Peepspeace
    New Oakley School Promise
    At Oakley, I am a part of a respectful, responsible, 
    and resourceful school family that works
    together, respects each other and follows the rules. 
    I will encourage myself and others to learn, 
    grow and be successful. This is who I am, even
    when no one is watching. 

 Our Next PTO meeting is…… in April....
Oakley has a new email as well if you need to reach the PTO for any reason here it is..... Please sigh up to PTO meeting we need people...Oakleypto@gmail.com

 Please sign your child's folder, and initial the boxes every night so I know you have seen it. Thank you!!!

If I don't get the colors in the boxes in the afternoon please bare with me sometimes our afternoons are hectic coming in from recess.  
Reading- We are working on Frog and Toad. The story talks about why his garden isn't growing a perfect tie in to how plants grow. 
Good Reading place:

WRITING….. We will work on what a sentence is and what we need in our sentence. We need a capital and a period.  We are writing narratives and how they relate to the story. So if Frog and Toad are friends and Frog is teaching Toad something about his garden and how he can be better to his plants, maybe how have I been a good friend helping someone. 

 Go to reading on the side bar and see some new things I added.....

Math - In math we are working on taking surveys and understanding what a graph. We are still working on number sense too and story problems. Here is an example of a word problem we are solving in class. 
Frog raked 7 piles of leaves. Toad also raked some piles of leaves. Together, they raked 14 piles of leaves. How many piles of leaves did Toad rake?

Social Studies/Science-   In science we are talking about the Plants. We are growing plants and seeing how they grow. Please come to our Science night on
APRIL 6th at 5:30 to see what we have been doing in  Science. 

Homework- Please make sure you sign the folder every night and put your initials in the box so we know you saw the folder.  Thank you. 


Technology Section--Here are some places to go see this month....

 Check it out
  April 3rd Kindergarten here I come Night 6:00-7:00
April 25 th Kindergarten Registration Day Please call 274-7515
Thank you for coming in for your CONFERENCE I really enjoyed talking with you all about your child.
I still have a few of you I need to see. 
We have three weeks until spring break let's make them three great strong weeks!

Thank you for supporting your children and helping them everyday!!
If I can help you with anything please call and we can talk.