What's Going on in the Classroom

    peep Welcome To Mrs. Strosnider's First Grade Positive Peaceful Peepspeace

 Our Next PTO meeting is…… Next Fall 

 Please sign your child's folder when you have it... 

Reading- is so important to do over the summer. You don't want your child to slide back. Remember Raz-kids is on your ipad and EPIC.  Or go visit the local library for a book. 
Good Reading place:

WRITING….. This summer get a journal and write about anything. What you did at home. What you want to do next week. 
Fantasy stories- Aliens coming to visit your room. 
You going for a picnic with your dog maybe on the moon. 

 Go to reading on the side bar and see some new things I added.....

Math - In math you can count things outside everywhere you go this summer. You can make up math problems yourself. You can go to my math page and find math games. Don't forget to go to the investigations app on the ipad and play those games. 

Make up word problems-Get your parents to solve them... 
Frog raked 7 piles of leaves. Toad also raked some piles of leaves. Together, they raked 14 piles of leaves. How many piles of leaves did Toad rake?

Social Studies/Science- /Science-- Lots of places to read in Epic about science and Social studies books this summer. Check them out. Ask your parents to put you on youtube safely and watch an animal video about birds or chickens or elephants. Any animal you want. 

Homework- Please make sure you sign the folder every night and put your initials in the box so we know you saw the folder.  Thank you. 

cake  Who has a birthday in the summer??? If you do Happy Birthday... I hope you have a great day... 

Technology Section--Here are some places to go see this month....

 Check it out
 Thank you so much for all of your hard work in virtual learning. But you are not done. YOU MUST keep reading and practicing math all summer.... PLEASE READ READ READ... ENJOY!!!!
Thank you for supporting your children and helping them everyday!!

Please keep checking Seesaw you never know what may pop in there for you!!!!