Reading Strategies



When Your Child Comes To An Unknown Word

*Wait 5-10 sec. to see what attempts are made. Ask:

 “What would make sense there?”

*Use the picture to help figure out the word.

*Skip the word and continue reading to the end of the sentence.
*Go back and read the sentence again.

*If the word was on a previous page, go back and try to find it.
*Look for a smaller word in a big one. (chunk)
*Cover the ending (-ed, -ing) with your finger and try the word.
*Look how the word begins.
*Help with blending (sounding it out).
*Tell the word and keep on reading.
*It is important that children learn to use these strategies
independently. When your child “figures out” a word, you might
ask how he/she did it. Telling about their reading helps to
reinforce learning. Always praise their effort!