Differentiation Resources for Teachers

Differentiation Resources for Teachers
Quite possibly, the most difficult aspect of teaching is meeting the diverse needs of any group of students.  Differentiation, in short, means modifying the CONTENT, PROCESS, or PRODUCT of a given lesson, to meet the needs of students.   

**Rather than thinking of what's something EXTRA my students can do, it's more important to consider what they NEED.  Consider depth, complexity, and pace of content. 

**Student voice and choice is crucial in differentiation.  Teachers and students together can plan a menu of choices for learning extensions and enrichment.  

**Online resources and more traditional paper or book items are plentiful.  
1.  Some texts I have for check-out include:
- AIMS - Problem Solving, Activities Integrating Math and Science (great high level problem solving activities)
- Upper Elementary Challenge Math by Edward Zaccaro (Zaccaro books are excellent for higher level math challenges)
- Differentiating Instruction w/ Menus Math/LA/Science/Social Studies grades K-5 by Laurie Westphal (lots of ideas for choice menus) 
- On the Job Math Mysteries by Marya Washington Tyler (great examples of challenging math problem solving from real-world careers) 
- Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension by Tamra Stambaugh and Joyce VanTassel-Baska (challenging texts with comprehension skill activities)

2. Examples of differentiation can include:
- tiered assignments
- socratic seminars 
- learning contracts
- curriculum compacting
- anchor activities

3. 36 Math Apps for Elementary Students