Differentiation Resources for Teachers

Differentiation Resources for Teachers
Quite possibly, the most difficult aspect of teaching is meeting the diverse needs of any group of students.  Differentiation, in short, means modifying the CONTENT, PROCESS, or PRODUCT of a given lesson, to meet the needs of students.   
1. Differentiation Symbaloo
AIG Specialists have compiled a host of resources dedicated to helping teachers with differentiation and put them into a Symbaloo. Click the link to open the Symbaloo.  The resources are color coded by topic.  Some of these items are things teachers can print and use right away with students, others are ideas for how to modify and adapt ANY lesson.  The thing to keep in mind is that CONTENT, PROCESS, and/or PRODUCT are the components of a lesson that can be altered to meet specific needs, challenge students further, extending the lesson,  etc.  
2.  Resources for Curriculum Differentiation
3. NC DPI WikiSpaces  

AIG~IRP provides teachers with instructional resources to challenge their advanced learners in grades K-12. These resources bring together gifted education best practices and standards in Mathematics. Teachers developed these resources in partnership with content and gifted education expert. Click on the grade levels below to view these instructional resources.

4.  36 Math Apps for Elementary Students
5. App Learning Tasks from 21Innovate
6. 10 Ways to Promote Writing for an Authentic Audience (from NYT)
7. What are Essential Questions?  Tips for using Essential Questions
8. The Critical Thinking Community: Remodeled Lessons that emphasize critical thinking
9. 10 Authentic Ways to Hold Kids Accountable for Home Reading