AG Placement Procedure and Identification Criteria

A question I often hear from parents is, "How does my child get placed into the Gifted program?  The following provides some specific detail about the process as well as a list of the identification criteria required for placement.  

Step 1

The student is formally nominated for the program.  A nomination usually comes from the classroom teacher but can also come from parents or even the student themselves.  Once the gifted specialist receives the nomination form, then a Permission to Evaluate form is sent home for parent to sign.

Step 2

Parent must sign a Permission to Evaluate consent form giving the gifted specialist the right to view the student's cumulative folder and administer any required tests.

Step 3

Upon receiving the Permission to Evaluate form the gifted specialist will complete an AG Eligibility Form which lists the student's classroom grades, EOG scores, and aptitude test scores. If necessary, other aptitude and/or achievement tests will be administered to the student. After all testing is completed, the school-based AG team makes a decision regarding placement/service based on the following criteria.

Step 4

In order to be placed in AIG, students must meet the following criteria:

11. Identification Criteria 2016-2019.docx

Step 5

If a child meets the placement criteria, the gifted specialist will contact the family and invite them for an in-person conference to review testing results, discuss AG schedule and curriculum, etc.  The parent signs and dates AG team decision form and the specialist enters that child into NC PowerSchool as AG. 

If a child DOES NOT meet placement criteria, specialist sends a letter to parent, via the US Post Office, which states reason for nonplacement.   Included in that letter is a copy of the testing results.  

Students who do not place into program may again be nominated for AG following year.