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  • Whole Class Journals

    Posted by Allison Garland at 8/28/2015

    This year I have started using whole class journals in the classroom. The purpose of these journals is for students to write down their stories that they wish to share with the class. We have 8 different journals with different prompts. Throughout the year students will be writing in them and sharing their thoughts with the rest of the class.

  • New Donors Choose Project

    Posted by Garland at 11/30/2014
    I have just created a new Donors Choose project to get some class sets of books for reading instruction in the classroom. I have had 2 projects funded in the past. One of which got me 65 books to add to the classroom library. The other was for math manipulative, that have been a wonderful addition to our classroom. Now I am trying to get some books that we can use for lessons during our life cycles unit during the fourth nine weeks. I will post a link to the project when it has been finalized. Please be on the lookout for the link in our classroom blog here on my website as well as your child's homework folder. We would appreciate any help you can give if you are able.
  • Exciting News

    Posted by Garland at 9/8/2014
    My first project on Donors Choose has been fully funded. 65 brand New books for our classroom library are on their to school!
    If you haven't heard of Donors Choose you should check it out. It is a wonderful site where teachers can post needs they have for their classroom. If your project is funded Donors Choose orders and ships the items right to your school. If you are able you should go and donate to a project. You can search specific areas and schools. Please help by donating to teachers at our school and throughout the county. Also be on the lookout for another project from me. I'll be posting one soon! Go to to check it out! 
  • Field Trip Info

    Posted by Ms. Garland at 9/8/2014
    Please keep in mind that our field trip is coming up on Friday September 26th. The fee is $8. Please remember to have your money and permission form turned in by the 24th.