The 5th graders go to the Blue Ridge Assembly!

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly
Posted on 10/16/2018

By: Krystiana, 5th grader On October the first, 2018, the fifth grade classes of Oakley Elementary went to the YMCA blue ridge assembly. There was two main places to go. The Alpine tower, and archery. On the alpine tower, they were instructed to put on harnesses and helmets, which were strapped firmly to their heads (and lower bodies, for the harnesses). They were to climb as far as they could while wired onto a rope. Others who have finished & those still waiting would watch the ones currently climbing and cheer them on. The other one was an alternation. One group would do archery, and learn how to shoot their arrow and what stance to use. The other activity was teamwork and synergizing.

The last and probably the most fun teamwork activity was called ‘blind pirates’. Two teams, red and blue, were to choose one person on their team to be the blind pirate. The team would have to instruct their blind pirate what to do to get their ‘sword’ (it was actually just a foam noodle) and to find their opponent to hit them with their sword and win the game. It is EXTREMELY confusing to the blind pirate, mostly from personal experience. In between the alpine tower and archery/teamwork activities, the 5th grade kids had lunch.