AIG Information and Curriculum
AIG Program at Avery's Creek and Sand Hill-Venable
The gifted program at Avery's Creek and Sand Hill-Venable serve students who have a definite or extreme need for curriculum differentiation.  Buncombe County uses multiple criteria to determine the degree of need for differentiation. The criteria include: aptitude (intelligence) testing, achievement testing, teacher observation of typical gifted characteristics, teacher documentation of the need for differentiation, student grades, and work samples.

Buncombe County AIG Website: The link below contains specific information about AIG services in Buncombe County. 

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Highlights of the AIG Plan:
  • Cluster grouping 5 or more AIG students in classrooms where teachers have AIG local endorsement or AIG License.  It is recommended that no more than 60% of the class population be identified as AIG.
  • Curriculum differentiation by the classroom teachers
  • AIG students will receive explicit and direct instruction from AIG Specialist in a separate setting for the purpose of implementing the AIG curriculum (50-60 minutes per week).
  • Third Grade Talent Development
  • Critical creative and logical thinking activities interspersed with the regular AIG curriculum.
  • 1st-2nd Nurturing Class "Problem Solvers" for primary students who show a need for enrichment
  •                1st Grade Nurturing Class- 30 minutes weekly
  •                2nd Grade Nurturing Class- 30-45 minutes weekly
  • AIG Specialist may serve students by going into the classroom to co-teach or assist the regular classroom teacher with differentiated/planning instructional units.
  • AIG Specialist may provide small group instruction to meet the unique needs of AIG students. (accelerated math, novel studies, research, social-emotional needs, organizational skills, etc)
  • Progress reports/ Student Evaluations to parents
  • Nominations for gifted services, testing, and review of the need for differentiated services for nominated students.
AIG Curriculum Map Grades K-12
Grades 1-2 Nurturing Class will:
  • Make appropriate use of activities which extend manipulation, experimentation, and application. 
  • Develop reasoning skills through logic and problem solving activities.
  • Begin to develop a sensitivity to language and an awareness of the functions of words and figurative expressions as they contribute to the appreciation of good literature. 
  • Develop skills of independent, critical and creative thinking skills. 
Grades 3-8 AIG Enrichment
Students in Grades 3-8 will continue to build on primary skills, plus:
  • Gain awareness of themselves as individuals who have unique academic and social and emotional needs.
  • Participate in activities which develop independent, critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Develop independence in identifying and solving meaningful problems.
  • Begin developing mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills which call for authentic application of concepts in non-practiced contexts.
  • Develop their desire and ability to communicate intelligibly and creatively.
  • Develop the ability to think critically about humankind and demonstrate social responsibility in a global community.
  • Monitor one's own understanding and learning needs and demonstrate commitment to learning as a lifelong process. 
  • Apply higher level thinking by expanding concepts and skills in the following areas: Information, Media, and Technology Literacy.
4th Grade AIG Enrichment Curriculum
AIG Curriculum Map 4th Grade 2019 - 2020.docx
Third Grade Enrichment Curriculum
AIG Curriculum Map 3rd Grade 2019 - 2020.docx