Rachel Miller, Renoo Hensely, and Rebecca Svrjcek

Who is a school counselor? School Counselors are people who are specially trained to help children solve many kinds of problems at home and at school.

Referrals to see the counselor can be made by parents, teachers, other school personnel and students themselves.

The counselor is a part of the school team because children can experience problems or changes in their daily lives that can affect them emotionally, physically and academically. Because we want them to grow and develop in a positive way, finding solutions to their problems or helping them to adjust to changes is very important.

What does the counselor do? Counselors talk to children individually, in small groups, and in classrooms. Some topics of discussion are:

Making Friends Self-Awareness
Feelings and Emotions Family and Home Life
Study Habits Accepting Repsonsibility
Getting along with others How to Listen

Counselors also talk with parents and teachers about ways to help students. Counselors help students get the help they need.

How does a student see the counselor?

Appointment made by Counselor Self Referral
Parent Referral

Referral by a Friend

Teacher or staff Referral Administrative Referral

Where can the student see the Counselor?

Counselor's Office In the Hallway
In the Classroom On the Playground
In the Lunchroom Outside the School