What is Dual Immersion?
Dual language is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages.  Dual programs use the partner language for part of the day, ranging from 90% of the day in kindergarten to 50% of the day in 5th grade. 
 Why the need for an Immersion program?
  • Prepare our students better for the global economy challenges.
  • DL programs foster bilingualism, bi-literacy.
  • DL creates enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity.
  • Longitudinal studies show high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages. (Collier and Thomas 2006).

Oakley Elementary School will offer the Dual Immersion program in one kindergarten class for the 2016-2017 school year.  Call Carol Buckner at 274-7515 to enroll your rising kindergartner in our Dual Immersion program.