Parent Involvement Policy

Oakley Elementary School’s Parent Involvement Plan

The School Improvement Team is comprised of a representative from each grade level, support staff and parents.  A representative is asked to serve on the committee and relay any pertinent information back to grade-level chairpersons and parents.  Any request to serve on the committee is taken into consideration.

An annual meeting will be held to inform parents of Title I, the No Child Left Behind Legislation and their right to be involved in their child’s academic learning experience.  Open House/Curriculum Night will be held in August for all parents.  Parents will attend a general meeting and then go to classrooms for curriculum discussions with classroom teachers.  Each classroom and support personnel will explain  major aspects of their grade level.

Sessions are offered in the evening for parents to become more aware of grade level expectations, grade level assessments, State mandates, Federal goals and to gather parental input into grade level curriculum.  Many home visits are made throughout the year to parents who may not have transportation to discuss expectations of their children.  Individual conferences are held throughout the year, with a minimum of two per child, whenever the parent or teacher sees the need to inform the teacher or parent about academic and behavioral expectations.  Progress reports are sent home for all children every nine weeks.  Title I also sends a progress report home for those students who are served in a small group reading capacity.  A two-way telephone communication is ongoing to bridge the gap between school and home.  Parents will be invited to be involved in Field Day, an Author’s Tea, Book Fair, Open House, FSpring  Festival and enjoy holiday meals with their child/ren.  A PTO Advisory Board (to be nominated and voted on by the parent population of the school) will be continued to discuss issues of the school for the current school year.  Balanced Literacy  training will be a focus for staff development.  Thinking Maps will be reviewed for those who have had  initial training and new staff members will have an introductory training.  Oakley is continuing community outreach meetings in the Shiloh and Ledgewood areas to discuss parental concerns and to open up more communication with parents who cannot come to campus or feel uncomfortable in the school setting.  We are planning to be in these communities in December and April of this school year to meet with parents concerning these issues.

Parents are invited to PTO meetings to discuss school budgets, fundraisers and curriculum issues.  Parents will vote on issues to have a real voice in school business.  Parents are invited by some classrooms to give input in classroom curriculum by an informal survey of their expectations of their child’s learning experiences this school year.  Parents, schoolwide, will also be surveyed about school safety and other concerns.  A parent is included on the School Improvement Team to discuss school policies.  Parents will be encouraged to volunteer in school in many different capacities.  We hope to tap in on the many diverse talents that parents have to offer.  A parent will be chosen to participate on a District Title I Advisory Board to help bring county and school administrators and concerns to more of the parents of our students.

On Meet Your Teacher Day, a School Parent Compact will be provided and discussed with parents.  A Spanish and Russian compact is provided to parents who speak and/or read Spanish or Russian.  At the first general meeting of PTO, the principal will inform parents of Oakley being a schoolwide Title I school.  The Title I room will be open to discuss more in depth our Title I program and Federal guidelines.  During classroom visitation on Open House Night, teachers will communicate objectives for each subject area for this nine week grading period: the better informed the parents, the better support we will receive from home.  Parents will be encouraged to discuss curriculum with Oakley staff and how to establish better communication between school and home.  This will occur several times a year, dispersed throughout the year, to keep communications flowing freely.

School and classroom newspapers will relay information from school to parents.  We hope to keep all of our parents informed about changes in our school and inform them of  rigorous curriculum expectations of our school.  In addition, classrooms will hold Title I sponsored Parent Involvement sessions where curriculum and/or EOG testing expectations will be shared.  Parents who want and need translation of school information will be given  information in their native language when possible.  We have a Spanish and Moldovan translator and have access to a Russian translator to help in this process.  The ESL teacher will be used to help communicate with parents who are limited English parents.

Parents will be given as much support as possible to help their children come to school prepared for the day.  The school will provide any materials that are needed for projects or daily homework.  Children will be encouraged to eat breakfast every day whether at school or at home.    A home-school coordinator works closely with several foundations to help parents who are in need emotionally and/or financially.  A school based social worker  and counselor will be available to serve children and families in need.  The YMCA RISE program will be offered after school to help children who need a little extra help master grade level material.

A roster of parents attending Open House and PTO meeting will also be logged to follow the pattern in parent participation.  Parents will also be given a year-end survey to fill out to weigh the effectiveness of our efforts and to serve as a resource for further scheduling of parental involvement programs in the school.

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